70 things to try with Google's Android 4.1 Voice Search

Got Jelly Bean, the latest release of Android? Try these 70 Voice Search commands to make your device spring to life.

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If sending notes to yourself isn't enough, Google Voice Search can also set alarms or reminders for anything you need.

Some examples:

"Remind me to get the mail in two hours"

"Wake me up at 7 a.m. tomorrow"

"Haircut tomorrow at 2"

Date and time

Google's Android 4.1 Voice Search can deliver a whole host of date- and time-related details. Try searches like:

"What time is it in London?"

"What time zone is Milwaukee in?"

"When is the sunset tonight?"

"When's the sunrise in Australia?"

"When is Father's Day?"


If you or someone you know is traveling, the Jelly Bean Voice Search tool has you covered.

You can simply say an airline and flight number -- "United 465," for example -- and Voice Search will show and tell you the flight's current status.

You can ask a more detailed question, like "When does American Airlines flight 1 arrive?" and Google will pop up a graphic with all the flight's info while speaking the most relevant bits aloud.

You can even just ask if a particular flight is on time, if that's all you want to know.



Watching the stock market? Try asking your Android 4.1 device for updates on your investments.

The easiest way to get stock updates is to hit your device's microphone button and say the letters of the stock code you're curious about. Say "G-O-O-G," for example, and Voice Search will show you a graphic of the current state of Google's stock while reading the trading level aloud.

You can also say "Google stock" or ask a question like "What's Google stock trading at today?" to get the same type of information.

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