70 things to try with Google's Android 4.1 Voice Search

Got Jelly Bean, the latest release of Android? Try these 70 Voice Search commands to make your device spring to life.

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Conversions and calculations


Put away your formulas and calculators: Google's Jelly Bean Voice Search is ready and willing to do all the dirty work for you. The system can handle most any math-related question you throw its way -- queries like:

"What's 5812 times 247?"

"What's 19.4 percent of 240.37?"

"What's 14 inches in millimeters?"

"What's 12 in hexadecimal?"

"What's 78 U.S. dollars in Euros?"

Just don't forget to say thank you.

Phone calls

It's easy to forget that these cool little computers we all carry around are actually phones. When you need to make a call, though, fear not: Voice Search has your back.

You can say "call" followed by the name of anyone in your contact list to have the system place a call for you; if you have more than one number stored for a person, you can say the type of number you want -- "mobile," "home," or "work" -- after the person's name to specify which entry should be used.

You can also have Voice Search look up and then dial any number you need. You might say "Call McDonald's on Third Street," for example, or "Call the Hilton in Downtown Chicago."


Android's native navigation system is fully integrated with Jelly Bean Voice Search. Just tell your tablet or phone where you need to go, and get as specific as you want:

"Navigate to 123 South Main Street"

"Take me to Bank of America by foot"

"Where is the nearest Burger King?"

"Go to Wal-Mart with public transportation" [Not recommended]



Voice Search can snag you all sorts of info about famous people. Try queries like these to get quick and easy answers:

"Who founded PayPal?"

"Who directed The Dark Knight Rises?"

"Who's in the cast of 'Scrubs'?"

"Where did Jerry Seinfeld go to college?"

"Where was Jimmy Fallon born?"

"How much is Mark Zuckerberg worth?"

"When did John Lennon die?"

"How did John Lennon die?"

"What was Marilyn Monroe's real name?"

"What movies has Scarlett Johansson been in?"

"How tall is Scarlett Johansson?"

"How old is Scarlett Johansson?"

"Why is JR Raphael so obsessed with Scarlett Johansson?"

(Note: That last one may or may not work.)

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