70 things to try with Google's Android 4.1 Voice Search

Got Jelly Bean, the latest release of Android? Try these 70 Voice Search commands to make your device spring to life.

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When you want to see photos of something fast, Voice Search is a fine place to turn. Just tell it what you want to see -- photos of the Statue of Liberty, or, I don't know, Scarlett Johansson -- and it'll get you a collection of images faster than you can say "sad, sad Siri."



Still itching for more Voice Search action? Try variations on some of these questions:

"What's the definition of 'taco'?"

"What are some synonyms for 'smelly'?"

"Who's the CEO of General Electric?"

"Who is Marissa Mayer married to?"

"Who wrote The Fires of Heaven?"

"What are the dimensions of 'Starry Night'?"

"When was the first episode of 'Cheers'?"

"What's the theme song to 'Friends'?"

"How long is The Dark Knight Rises?"

"What is area code 323?"

"How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?"

"What's the height requirement for the 'Incredible Hulk' roller coaster?"

"What's the slogan of HP?"

"How far away is the moon?"

"What's the temperature of the sun?"

"What's the loneliest number?"

"What's the answer to life, the universe, and everything?"

If that last one doesn't cover all the bases, I don't know what does.

JR Raphael is the author of the Android Power blog and a fan of talking to inanimate objects. Follow him on Google+, Twitter, or

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