16 free and great Google Nexus 7 apps

Load up your Nexus 7 tablet with these great free apps for entertainment, social networking, remote access, IM, sports, gaming, and more

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Fruit Ninja THD Free for Android tablets


The idea behind Fruit Ninja THD: Chop up as much flying fruit as you can before it falls to the ground, while avoiding projectile bombs. Three different modes keep the gameplay fresh. The Nexus 7's screen real estate makes it a perfect device for filleting fruit, and the tablet is just the right size to hold in one hand while slicing with the other. The THD app is also optimized for the Nexus 7's NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. I don't always play video games on my tablet, but when I do, I play Fruit Ninja. (An ad-free version is also available for $3.)

Download Fruit Ninja THD Free from the Google Play store

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