Great tech for $25 or less: affordable-gadget roundup

Go ahead and crack your piggy bank open. These 25 tech gadgets won't bust your budget.

Top Affordable Gadgets


If you have two tens and a five to rub together, an affordable world of tech gadgets is within your reach. From a smartphone-friendly credit card swiper to a tiny Bluetooth 4.0/USB adapter to AA rechargeable batteries that plug into a USB port to get juiced, I've assembled a list of 25 great gadgets priced at $25 or less.

And here's the best part: You'll find no junk here. The following items are useful, innovative, and sometimes offbeat in a geeky way. So go ahead -- dig deep between the sofa cushions, and check your change jar. The chances are good that you'll find more than one budget-friendly gadget to buy.

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