8 recession-proof IT careers

With the current state of the economy, IT workers face a dog-eat-dog environment filled with downsizing, outsourcing and more. To help you stay in front of the pack, CIO.com spoke with Modis CEO, Jack Cullen, to shed light on what IT roles remain in steady demand.

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5. Software Quality Assurance


How many times have you used a website or an app and said to yourself, "I can't find what I'm looking for" or "this isn't working right"? Chances are that site needs attention from the QA folks. There are countless apps, products and websites launched each year and they all need Quality Assurance people to evaluate them from the end-user's perspective. Anytime you have a customer-facing site, app or product, QA is essential, making this a skill that never goes out of style. Salaries for this role can range from $47,050 - $113,982.

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