8 recession-proof IT careers

With the current state of the economy, IT workers face a dog-eat-dog environment filled with downsizing, outsourcing and more. To help you stay in front of the pack, CIO.com spoke with Modis CEO, Jack Cullen, to shed light on what IT roles remain in steady demand.

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7. Network Administrators/Telecomm Administrator Telecomm


With the rise in BYOD, smartphones, tablets and laptops are relied upon more heavily to conduct business online. As more and more companies shift to the cloud, IaaS, Saas and other Internet -dependent services, the demand for network administrators continues to trend upward. Companies are looking for that special person who can take advantage of emerging technologies that will help companies communicate their message both internally and externally. Cullen says there is more demand for this role on the administration side. Salaries range from $54,344 - $93,707.

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