The 12 most dreaded help desk requests

These 12 questions and requests are guaranteed to draw groans from practically any IT pro in the world

12 lines the IT help desk hates to hear


Working on an IT help desk can feel like an endless case of déjà vu. Let's face it: Computer users are damn predictable. If you've heard a problem once, you've heard it a thousand times before.

Some things, though, have been said so many times that they've practically become help desk clichés -- and the very sound of them is enough to make any IT pro want to smack his or her head with the nearest blunt object.

If you've called your company's help desk with any of these problems, trust me: You've been the target of a serious eye-roll on the other end of the line. And if you've fielded one, feel free to share your favorite rejoinder in the comments.

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