18 strange things spotted inside a Google data center

This is what happens when Google turns Street View on itself

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Is there a person inside that robot suit?

In the more traditional office area, we spotted this robot, and we are secretly hoping that someone is inside that robot suit, ready to jump out and scare unsuspecting visitors.


Stand perfectly still, and wear this beanie

We're not sure exactly how the Street View camera works, but I suspect that someone said to this guy, "OK, for the next few seconds when we walk/drive by, be perfectly still. Oh, and put on this beanie.


You're in NASCAR country, son

This being North Carolina, you'd expect to see lots of auto racing memorabilia on the walls. We did.


Tough day? Stop at the Pit Stop

A lounge/bar area for weary Google data center employees includes a nice bar, TV and more NASCAR trappings.

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