18 strange things spotted inside a Google data center

This is what happens when Google turns Street View on itself

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Who's up for a game?

Here's the obligatory ping pong and billiards table, which we think is contractually required for every Google (or other tech firm) office. I've got dibs on the winner.


It's just like Ally McBeal, but less creepy

Near the entrance to the data center, there's a unisex bathroom. But we're pretty sure that's just one small room, not a room where men and women go into the bathroom at the same time. We hope.


Welcome to the entrance

The entrance to the facility is standard office building entrance, except for the odd metal detector off to the side. Maybe it was set up this way to allow the Street View camera through, but the wide space to the left seems pretty easy to get through without having to walk through the metal detector. Also, more NASCAR stuff in the glass case, in case you forgot you were in North Carolina.


Google protects its own

It's good to see that Google cares about privacy, by blurring out the license plate numbers on employees' cars. They may store lots of personal information on everyone else on the planet, but at least they've got their employees' backs.

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