25 essential business apps for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here, so it’s time to start loading it up with apps.

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Do.com is billed as a “social productivity” app. Do.com helps you organize projects, track contacts and close deals. The app has a “Sales Progress” feature to help you track and meet your sales goals, and a “Virtual Checklist” that allows you to assign tasks to others by groups or projects. A built-in collaboration feature enables secure sharing of critical information.

Developer: Salesforce.com

Cost: Free

Available on Android too? Yes



Quickoffice gives mobile workers on-the-go access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Mobile editors provide a mobile-optimized way to create, edit and share various documents. Features recently added include connections to cloud storage providers, a PDF annotation tool, spell check (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) and external keyboard shortcuts for tablets.

Developer: Quickoffice (recently acquired by Google)

Cost: $14.99 for smartphones; $19.99 for tablets.

Available on Android too? Yes



Evernote helps you stay organized across your various devices, from desktops to smartphones. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders, and it makes all of these things completely searchable. This app helps you sync all of your notes across devices. The search feature even lets you search for text inside images. The Web Clipper add-on lets you save anything you see online, including links, text and video, into Evernote with one click.

Developer: Evernote

Cost: Free for the basic version; $5/month for the premium version, which shuts off ads, includes a PIN lock, boosts the monthly upload limit and enables PDF searching.

Available on Android too? Yes

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