25 essential business apps for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here, so it’s time to start loading it up with apps.

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How many times have you decided to be polite in a meeting and turned off your ringer? Later, you’re shocked to discover that you’ve been missing important calls and texts for hours on end. RingMindMe will remind you to turn your ringer back on when your meeting or event is over. It also has a snooze feature – they call it an “Extend” button – so you can deal with those meetings that run long.

Developer: PeggyWrites LLC

Cost: $1.99

Available on Android too? No



Webalo is a remote access app that allows you to connect your iPhone to most enterprise apps. To help companies deal with BYOD initiatives, Webalo lets administrators configure mobile access to individual enterprise applications or combine functionality and information from multiple applications. IT can then consolidate everything in a simple set of menus on mobile users’ devices to provide each employee with an individualized connection to the enterprise.

Developer: Webalo

Cost: Free for up to 3 users; for more users, it is $99/year/user for the cloud version or $150/year/user for an appliance-based version you can host behind your firewall.

Available on Android too: Yes

Quickbooks Mobile


If you already use Quickbooks for your small business accounting, Quickbooks Mobile will help you streamline your bookkeeping by adding a mobile client to the mix. The mobile app lets you track sales, send out invoices, and see recent payments from your handset.

Developer: Intuit

Cost: Free with an existing Quickbooks subscription, which starts at $12.95/month.

Available on Android too? Yes

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