25 essential business apps for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here, so it’s time to start loading it up with apps.

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Simple In/Out


This is a digital in/out board for office workers. The app has a GeoFencing feature, so you can set your iPhone up to automatically check you in or out of your office as your phone enters or leaves.

Developer: Simply Made Apps

Cost: Free for up to 3 users; $5/month for up to 10 with prices going up from there.

Available on Android too? Yes



Can you remember a strong password like *&%Huck987#!? Probably not, but increasingly, that’s the type of password you need to avoid brute-force attacks. This app saves your online user names and passwords, as well as sensitive information, such as bank account and credit card numbers. Your data is then locked behind either a strong password or a PIN. The app requires a desktop version, and once the desktop app is in place, data can then be synched to mobile devices through Dropbox.

Developer: AgileBits

Cost: The mobile app is free, but it requires a desktop/laptop counterpart ($49.99) to actually work.

Available on Android too? Yes

VirusBarrier iOS


Anyone who tells you that Macs and iPhones don’t get malware is misinformed. Apple argues that its products aren’t as susceptible to malware as other platforms. Security pros will tell you this is bunk, and that Apple OSes are protected via “security through obscurity.” In other words, malware writers favor Windows and Android because they have larger market shares.  VirusBarrier iOS is the first anti-virus app approved for iOS. The app scans your phone  for viruses, and also scans any incoming attachments. Android users who switched to the iPhone 5 might think this app is pretty primitive. It doesn’t allow for automatic scheduling of scans, nor does it automatically quarantine or delete any malware it finds. It does alert you to malware, if it finds it, and then you’re pretty much on your own.

Developer: Intego

Cost: $0.99

Available on Android too? No

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