9 programming tools for maximizing HTML5

HTML5 is gaining steam. Here are nine development tools for tapping into the best the standard has to offer

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Sencha Touch 2


Sencha Touch 2 is a mobile application framework that's been billed as the cornerstone of Sencha's HTML5 platform. Developers can build applications to work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and other devices. The product expands access to native device APIs, allowing HTML5 developers to leverage hardware features.

A native packager is included for application distribution to the Apple App Store and Google Play application stores. Version 2 offers an easier-to-use API, enhanced Model View Controller capabilities, and richer documentation, according to Sencha. Sencha has also added fluid animations and smooth scrolling to Version 2, as well as a layout engine that leverages HTML5 to build complex applications.

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