Last-minute holiday gifts: 10 iPhone/iPad gadgets under $70

Stuck for a last-minute gift? If your giftee is the proud owner of an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch, there are plenty of gadgets to choose from. Here are some items that Apple fans will love.

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CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver for iDock


Progression in technology marches on, and it's only a matter of waiting before new tech becomes old tech. Take the iPhone 5, for instance -- sure, it's faster, lighter and has a larger screen, but the new Lightning connector makes all old speakers with built-in 30-pin dock connectors instantly useless.

If you know somebody who is dealing with that dilemma, then CoolStream's Bluetooth Receiver for iDock speakers offers relief. With this adapter, a 30-pin dock speaker set will be able to communicate with an iPhone or iPad using the Bluetooth wireless standard, pulling what was once perfectly fine technology from the brink of obsolescence.

Available for $39.99 from CoolStream.

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