Last-minute holiday gifts: 10 iPhone/iPad gadgets under $70

Stuck for a last-minute gift? If your giftee is the proud owner of an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch, there are plenty of gadgets to choose from. Here are some items that Apple fans will love.

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i-Blason PowerSlate Plus Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 5


If you know somebody who is always working with their phone -- and running out of power -- you might want to consider the i-Blason PowerSlate Plus Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 5. It not only protects the unit, but charges the device as well.

This case adds a little bulk to the slim iPhone 5 design, but the 2800mAh battery has enough energy to give the phone 1.5 more charging cycles. There's an on/off switch to conserve the case's battery, and an LED power indicator shows how much juice is left. Openings in the case offer access to the iPhone's ports, and the PowerSlate's Lightning connector recharges both the iPhone and the case itself.

Available for $69.95 from i-Blason or Amazon.

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