Top 10 tech gadgets of 2012

Here are 10 gadgets that made a significant impact in the industry this year

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Ultrabooks (second generation)


 Release date: April (for the Samsung Series 9 models)

A standard established by Intel, Ultrabooks run Windows on powerful mobile processors (Intel’s, of course), use SSDs, feature long-running battery times, and are housed in thin, lightweight form factors inspired by the design of the MacBook Air. Ultrabooks were first released in the fourth quarter of 2011, but they were expensive (starting at $900 on average) due to the cost of the SSD. So Intel relaxed the specifications for second-generation models by allowing for notebook hard drives. In 2012, an IdeaPad U310 -- which uses both a hard drive and 32GB SSD -- will cost you a little less than $700.

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