8 best cities to find cloud computing jobs

Looking for a new job in the growing cloud computing market? Open to a change of scenery? Get on the road to one of these 8 cities where cloud jobs are hottest.

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1. San Francisco, Calif. (and Surrounding Bay Area)


With beautiful weather and lots of cloud jobs, this technology-focused region claims the number 1 spot on CIO.com's list. This area, with its many service providers, has been seeing a solid uptick in the cloud and virtualization markets. "Many of the Bay Area-based companies have been the leaders in adopting the cloud as a best practice for their testing, business continuity and even production environments using VMware," says Cullen.

Where largescale enterprises have been slow to adopt, even they are getting onboard pushing mission critical apps to the cloud. Top job titles for the Bay Area are cloud specialist and systems engineer.

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