8 real-world big data deployments

The amount of data in the world doubles every 18 months. Here's a look at eight real-world big data deployments in a variety of industries.

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NASA Human Spaceflight Imagery Collection, Archival and Hosting


NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) is the hub for the U.S.'s astronaut corps and home to International Space Station (ISS) mission operations. Since 1959, it has collected more than 4 million still photographs, 9.5 million feet of 16mm film and 85,000 video tapes and files representing 81,616 hours of video in analog and digital formats. The collection is used for media content as well as by the scientific and engineering community. NASA has created an application called Imagery Online (IO) which links imagery file names to all of the meta data associated with it. But the agency still faces a big challenge in making the collection available to the public in both its raw, native form and transcoding it into smaller, more accessible media formats.

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