20 tools for hero hacks

On the road, under duress, or out in the boonies -- save the day with these essential IT troubleshooting and repair tools

MacGyver IT: 20 Essential tools for hero hacks


Sometimes a stick of gum and a paper clip is all you need to save the day. But when sensitive data and critical systems are on the line, the right set of tools is essential.

The following collection comes from nearly three decades in the trenches of IT. It is a battle-tested work-in-progress of what has worked best for me throughout my career supporting corporate, government, and academic IT. I travel with this kit always, and while I favor the free or inexpensive, I've found that spending a bit more on higher-quality tools in some cases can save frustration.

Have a lifesaver tool to share? Add it to the comments. Nothing is more invaluable than real-world advice when it comes to assembling the perfect IT toolbox.

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