20 tools for hero hacks

On the road, under duress, or out in the boonies -- save the day with these essential IT troubleshooting and repair tools

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Asus/Google Nexus 7 Android tablet


The utility of the Nexus 7 goes sky high with the OTG (On The Go = micro USB to female USB A) connector so that I can use a Linksys/Cisco USB Ethernet dongle to directly open a Web page to the network device and perform the initial device configurations. And it's always nice to have a second trusted wired Ethernet device for troubleshooting. Note: To get to the cool Linux-like Android commands (ifconfig, ping, nmap), you really want to root your tablet. You don't have to make your own OTG cable; they're cheap on Amazon or Monoprice. (See also "18 great IT tools for Android.")

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