20 tools for hero hacks

On the road, under duress, or out in the boonies -- save the day with these essential IT troubleshooting and repair tools

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Corsair Flash Padlock encrypted USB drive


I travel a lot and I worry that someday I'll lose my wallet or a pickpocket will target me. To make sure I have all my important information, I've put password-protected PDF scans onto the Corsair Flash Padlock AES-encrypted USB drive. I just type in a 4- to 10-digit pin code, and once the green lock symbol lights up, I can stick it into nearly anything, and it acts like a normal thumb drive. I scan my credit cards, passport, and other vital documents on a multifunction printer, then move it over to my laptop, where I can use Adobe Acrobat to change the PDFs to a password-protected version. Defense in depth is a good thing.

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