20 tools for hero hacks

On the road, under duress, or out in the boonies -- save the day with these essential IT troubleshooting and repair tools

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iPad with AirDisplay by Avatron


Let's face it, sometimes a second monitor helps you keep your sanity, but travelers rarely have the luggage space. Now with Avatron's AirDisplay you just need to have your iPad and laptop on the same Wi-Fi network. It's not fast enough for video, but it's great for spreadsheets, PowerPoint (mirror your display and put it in front of your customers), or whatever you might want to display larger scale. Hint: Buy AirDisplay from the iPad App Store and then go to Avatron's website for the free Mac/PC version to connect to. If you use the Mac App store, they'll charge you for a full copy. (See also "Top IT tools for the iPad.")

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