10 Black Friday deals available right now

Black Friday seems to come earlier every year.

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Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle for $99 (with 2-year Xbox Live Gold membership)


Seller: Toys ‘R’ Us

List price: $249.99

Early-bird price: $99.00

You save: $150.99

If it works for phones, why can’t it work for game consoles? Toys ‘R’ Us is offering an Xbox 360 bundle (4GB Xbox 360 + Kinect controller) for just $99…if you sign up for a two-year Xbox Live Gold membership at $14.99/month. So if you were never planning on signing up for Xbox Live Gold, you won’t save – you’ll actually spend $208.77 more. But if you were going to sign up for Xbox Live Gold anyway, it’s a steal: you save $150.

IMPORTANT: To redeem this offer you must first complete your Xbox Gold Live purchase, after which you’ll receive two codes that you must use during checkout. Follow the instructions on this page to redeem.

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