10 Black Friday deals available right now

Black Friday seems to come earlier every year.

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Apple iPad 2 bundle with accessory kit for $399


Seller: Walmart

List price: $399.00 + $39.99 - $49.98

Early-bird price: $399.00

You save: $39.99 - $49.98

Apple products are notorious for basically being never, ever discounted. In fact, most retail stores on Black Friday won’t discount Apple products –they’ll just throw in extras and bundles as incentives for customers to buy (perhaps even gift cards). That’s why this Apple iPad 2 bundle isn’t such a bad deal – it’s the same price as if you purchased it at the Apple store (it’s the 16GB, Wi-Fi only version of the iPad 2), but you get an accessory kit worth upwards of $40.

Walmart lets you choose your color of iPad 2 and your accessory kit: either a 9-in-1 kit that includes a leatherette case, car charger, USB wallcharger, audio splitter, screen protector, cleaning cloth, 3.5mm cable, wood earbuds, and a protective crystal case; or a 10-in-1 kit that includes a Bluetooth speaker, wood earbuds, wall charger, car charger, cleaning cloth, screen protector, pouch, 3.5mm cable, audio splitter, and stylus. The first kit is valued at $39.99, while the second is valued at $49.98.

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