10 Black Friday deals available right now

Black Friday seems to come earlier every year.

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Dell XPS 14-inch Ultrabook for $899.99


Seller: Amazon, Newegg

List price: $1199.99

Early-bird price: $899.99

You save: $300.00

If you’re looking for a nice Ultrabook for the holidays, you might want to check out this Dell XPS XPS14-9092sLV Ultrabook. This 14-inch Ultrabook popped up on Amazon back in May for $1199.99, and you can nab it now for $300 less than that price. It has a third-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a backlit keyboard, Nvidia graphics, and weighs just three pounds. It’s only 0.71 inches thick, which makes it legitimate Ultrabook territory. Light, thin, and (sort of) cheap – it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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