10 killer Windows 8 business apps for real productivity

You've taken the plunge, splurged on a shiny new Surface RT tablet, and pounded out report after report with the bundled Office 2013 RT app. Now what?

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Skype for Windows 8 nails everything you've come to expect from the class-leading communications service, from instant messaging to voice calls to video chats. The fresh, Modern-looking coat of paint looks great, and since it's a proper Windows 8 app rather than a legacy program, Skype can be docked on the side of the screen, letting you tackle those tricky sales calls while simultaneously getting things done in your main window. The icing on the cake? Deep-seated system hooks that tie into the People app and spit out pop-up notifications whenever a colleague reaches out to touch you. Check out our guide to getting the most out of Skype.

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