10 killer Windows 8 business apps for real productivity

You've taken the plunge, splurged on a shiny new Surface RT tablet, and pounded out report after report with the bundled Office 2013 RT app. Now what?

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EZ Opp


EZ Opp, by two-time Global Microsoft CRM Partner of the Year winner Sonoma Partners, is one of the few Windows 8 apps that taps into the power of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM service, helping you to manage your sales pipeline on the road with a touch-friendly modern interface. The app displays estimated revenue for the upcoming year by month, all color-coded by realized versus potential income. EZ Opp is a tablet-friendly CRM app, rather than a full-featured one. It lets you view and drill down into opportunity details, but you can edit only a lead's close date, probability, and estimated revenue.

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