Programmer picks: 7 tools for HTML5, Ruby, Python, and more

PHP, Ruby, Python, and beyond -- developers weigh in on seven popular IDEs and tools aimed at dynamic languages

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Padre, the Perl IDE


This open source Perl IDE supports multilingual and multitechnology projects. "I love that Padre allows you to search for documentation of a given Perl module. I also like its Regex Editor that helps you create regular expressions and test if that regular expression will match a given string," freelance Web engineer Charlie Gonzalez says. "This is also great when debugging really creative regex solutions. Another feature that I like is the ability to create Padre Plugins."

Gonzalez did note one flaw: "The only problem I see is trying to get the most-recent version of Padre to run on your machine. Padre 0.96 installation files are only available for Ubuntu 12.10; in any other OS the user would have to build the latest version of padre using CPAN."

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