Programmer picks: 7 tools for HTML5, Ruby, Python, and more

PHP, Ruby, Python, and beyond -- developers weigh in on seven popular IDEs and tools aimed at dynamic languages

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SapphireSteel Software Ruby in Steel


This development tool for the Ruby language integrates with Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE and also allows access to Microsoft's Team Foundation Server source code repository, says user Andrew Teare, a designer specialist at machinery maker Husky. "They did a good job of making it work in Visual Studio," Teare says. "Bottom line, it definitely helps us develop our Ruby code, especially as a big team."

Husky is using Ruby to develop a domain-specific language to describe machine configuration. Teare does cite some issues with Ruby in Steel: While its IntelliSense capability is good for a dynamic language, it's not as good as it is in C#. The Ruby debugger also is inferior to C#'s debugger, he says.

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