Programmer picks: 7 tools for HTML5, Ruby, Python, and more

PHP, Ruby, Python, and beyond -- developers weigh in on seven popular IDEs and tools aimed at dynamic languages

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Zend Studio


This IDE for PHP development features a variety of capabilities, including refactoring, code generation, and code assist. Thijs Lensselink, senior Web developer at Mobile Tulip, which provides a message-routing platform, says Zend Studio 10 offers all the features necessary. "It saves development time and speeds up debugging and tracing." Zend Studio also enables unit testing and cloud deployment; mobile development is integrated as well.

Lensselink does cite its integration with other Zend products as both an advantage and disadvantage. While this integration helps when working with the Zend stack, it can box in a developer who is not. "Some more third-party tool integration would be welcome. But Zend is doing a good job with that. Think of AWS, GitHub, and more."

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