The geek mystique: 10 leading women in tech

These leaders didn't just rely on business acumen to climb the corporate ranks -- they also have serious tech chops

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Kim Polese


Kim Polese is a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur, innovator, and business leader. As the founding product manager of Java at Sun, she led its launch in 1995 and went on to co-found and serve as CEO of Marimba, which pioneered Internet-based software management. She also held the title of CEO at SpikeSource, a provider of business-ready open source solutions. She currently serves as an adviser, board member, and investor, helping to found and scale a new generation of startup companies.

She received a bachelor's degree in biophysics in 1984 from the University of California, Berkeley and studied Computer Science at the University of Washington. She is a fellow at Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Engineered Innovation.

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