10 hard truths IT must learn to accept

Unsanctioned devices, compromised networks, downtime -- today's IT is all about embracing imperfections

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IT concession No. 8: Your company's deepest secrets are only a tweet away

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Employees are using social networks at work, whether you allow them to or not. The problem? Malware infections distributed via social networks and sensitive corporate data leaking online.

"The behavior of people using social media is like their behavior using email 10 years ago," says Rene Bonvanie, VP of worldwide marketing for Palo Alto Networks. "With email, we've learned to never click on anything. But inside social media, people click on every tiny URL because they trust the sender. That's why botnets we successfully rebuffed are coming back."

"Educate, re-educate, and educate again," says Sarah Carter, VP of marketing for Actiance. "Put technology-coaching solutions in place, where you can remind users of risks and your company policy about visiting sites not relevant to business."

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