Last-minute holiday gifts: 10 low-cost Android gadgets

Who says Android-related gifts have to break the bank? Here are 10 items under $60 that Google fans will love.

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Agloves Original Touchscreen Gloves


It's a fact of life: Cold weather and touchscreen technology don't go hand-in-hand. Trying to interact with a smartphone while wearing gloves is about as productive as trying to shovel snow with a broom.

A good set of touchscreen-friendly gloves, however, can change that. Agloves' Original Touchscreen Gloves utilize a special conductive material that lets you swipe and pinch your device's screen while keeping your fingers warm. You can buy them in three different sizes -- all unisex -- making them a perfect gift for any chilly-handed Android fan.

Available for $19.99 from Agloves.

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