Top 15 Google Easter eggs of 2012

Here’s this year’s crop of Easter Eggs, pranks, interactive doodles, and tricks

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Six degrees of Kevin Bacon


Google can now help you play the popular parlor game, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” If you’re not familiar with the game, the goal is to find the shortest path (using movies, other credits, and anything else you can think of, such as relationships) between an actor and Kevin Bacon.

For example, Julia Roberts starred in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon, so she is one degree away from Kevin Bacon. But Richard Gere starred with Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, so he is two degrees away from Kevin Bacon (Gere > Roberts > Bacon).

Well now, if you type an actor’s name and “bacon number” into Google, you’ll get not only their degrees away from Kevin Bacon, but a breakdown of how Google got to that number.

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