The year in tech: biggest fails, flops, and faux pas

2012 brought its fair share of mistakes, flops, and failures. Here are 20 of the biggest tech mishaps from the past year.

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OnLive’s sudden implosion


Cloud gaming services, which stream high-end games from remote servers, are supposed to be the future—but first they have to survive the present. That’s been a challenge for OnLive, which earlier this year was purchased by an outside entity, dissolved, and subsequently resurrected, minus the company’s founder and a significant chunk of its employees. By this time of year, we would have expected to see new blockbuster games like Assassin's Creed 3 and Borderlands 2 on the service. But right now, what should be a flow of new games seems barely a trickle, with the once-promising service at a standstill.

The OnLive gaming service lives on, but its blow-up exposed the fragility of its business, calling the very concept of cloud gaming into question.

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