The year in tech: biggest fails, flops, and faux pas

2012 brought its fair share of mistakes, flops, and failures. Here are 20 of the biggest tech mishaps from the past year.

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Blackberry 10’s no-show


Other than announcing an occasional bit of bad news, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion was essentially invisible in 2012. The company announced no new major products, and in June it pushed back the launch of BlackBerry 10 until early 2013. RIM argues that the delay gives it more time to perfect its overhauled operating system, and to avoid competing with a crowded holiday release lineup. Still, the longer RIM waits, the more BlackBerry’s relevance and market share slips away. What we’ve seen of the new OS at least looks pretty, so maybe RIM is just prepping for one of the greatest tech comebacks of all time.

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