3 older technologies that everyone should embrace

Sometimes the latest isn't the greatest

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The biggest barrier to your ongoing education is time.

You want to stay on top of all the news. You want to learn a new language. You want to become more educated about your line of work. You want your mind expanded by the ideas of brilliant public intellectuals.

Nobody has time for that.

But with podcasting, you do have time. You can listen while driving, exercising and while doing errands and chores.

Yet most people who want to learn more don't listen to podcasts. I believe the reason for that is paralysis of choice -- there are too many podcasts out there, and most of them are terrible.

The secret to falling in love with podcasting is listening to the good ones, not the bad ones.

So here's my starter kit -- the 10 indispensable podcasts that every educated geek should listen to (in alphabetical order). Just search via your podcasting source for:

BBC Food Programme

In Our Time

MacBreak Weekly

No Agenda

Slate's Culture Gabfest

Start the Week

StarTalk Radio Show


This Week in Google

This Week in Tech

I would also continually explore new podcasts, and experiment. Great podcasts are priceless resources for staying informed.

By embracing the humble and low-tech podcast, you can use those hours you're wasting to educate yourself in a way that no other technology can match.

And more

These are just three older technologies that everyone should embrace if they can. Others include RSS, SMS, Google Alerts and even simple text editors like Notepad.

Advanced technology is great. But even greater is an advanced user, someone who chooses technology that improves his life the most, no matter how low-tech it may be.

Why? Because the best technology is the one you actually use.

Mike Elgan writes about technology and tech culture.

This story, "3 older technologies that everyone should embrace" was originally published by Computerworld.

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