Programmer picks: 6 tools for rapid mobile development

No-code, low-code, and cloud-based offerings give developers even more options for rapid prototyping and deployment of mobile apps

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Buzztouch is Web-based software for building Android and iOS apps. "With Buzztouch, you can create an app and immediately download the source code. This allows you to keep things 'connected' to Buzztouch's servers for rapid development and changes. Or you can disconnect all ties with Buzztouch, and keep the source code in your control," says user Chris Robbins, owner of QuickPixel Media Solutions.

Robbins, who previously had no background in mobile development, says Buzztouch has not required upfront costs or large monthly maintenance fees. "The only thing that I could say negative about Buzztouch is that they could use a little more staff. The amount of work that has been put into Buzztouch seems like it was impossible to come from such a small crew."

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