Programmer picks: 6 tools for rapid mobile development

No-code, low-code, and cloud-based offerings give developers even more options for rapid prototyping and deployment of mobile apps

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Socialize AppMakr


Socialize AppMakr provides a code-free environment for building iOS and Android apps, and features its own social network. "I like the quick, easy way to make apps, rather than coding," user Matthew Flaig says. Flaig dislikes that the free version of AppMakr now puts ads in free apps, and simple updates can take weeks or months. (AppMakr also offers a premium, fee-based service.)

Jeremy Caverly of Quotient Concepts also lauded AppMakr. "They were one of the first to market with a DIY solution. It's always been easy to use. The help forums are a great resource, and their staff is always happy to find a solution as quickly as possible," he says, though he laments a dearth of new features in the past year.

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