11 DIY iPhone projects for the crafty geek

With a little tinkering, you can do more with your iPhone than the Average Joe

Do your iPhone videos of your kids' soccer games look like they were taken during an earthquake? Need a macro lens to get a super close-up picture of the dew on that blade of grass? Want to learn how to make an iPhone stand using only Legos? Here are some easy DIY iPhone projects that will teach you to do all these things and more. Added bonus: most of them are free.

DIY iPhone Camera Stand DIY iphone 5 Case, Kickstand and Custom Garman Car Mount DIY iPhone Stabilizer Rig DIY Teleprompter for iPhone Camera & DSLR DIY iPhone Amp DIY iPhone Ringtones DIY iPhone Stylus DIY Lego iPhone/iPod Touch Stand DIY iPhone Macro Lens Even Cheaper and Easier DIY iPhone Macro Lens DIY Homemade iPhone Tripod Mount

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