10 mobile startups to watch

Mobile is well into a gold-rush phase, and these 10 startups hope to cash in before the vein runs dry.

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Founders: Ben Lilienthal and Jerry Norton; founders of the VoIP conferencing company Vapps.

What it does: Provides a platform that lets developers add voice recognition to apps and devices.

Why it's interesting: OneTok is a cloud-based platform that lets developers configure any word or phrase to invoke any activity. OneTok gives developers libraries that address standard audio hurdles on the device, such as echo cancellation, noise suppression and audio compression. For consumers, OneTok lets you interact with and use apps through simple voice commands. Instead of jabbing at buttons while driving or typing, users of smartphones and tablets need only to speak to control navigation apps, enter logins or initiate web searches.

Funding: $1.5 million from RRE Ventures and Peter J. Solomon.

Customers: Blackstone Technology Group.

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