10 mobile startups to watch

Mobile is well into a gold-rush phase, and these 10 startups hope to cash in before the vein runs dry.

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Founders: Dr. Greg Raleigh, formerly VP of Mobile Internet at Qualcomm, and Charles Giancarlo, who was previously President and CEO at Avaya.

What it does: Provides a cloud-based platform that offers service plan flexibility and real-time service customization features for both mobile operators and service providers.

Why it's interesting: Through ItsOn, consumers gain control over and visibility into their mobile services, buying only what they want, when they want it and with no restrictive plans or bill shock. Mobile operators and content providers, meanwhile, gain the agility to create and roll out new, unique and profitable services in hours rather than months or years. Services can be targeted to specific user demographics and devices.

Funding: ItsOn just closed a $15.5 million Series B round of funding.

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