Apple's 15 boldest computer designs, 1976 - 2012

Apple's computer hardware designs through the years have reflected the state of the company. Subliminal messages abound with each product release. Here are some of Apple's most bold, iconic computer designs and what we think they're telling us.

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iMac G4 (2002)


Who can forget the boldly designed iMac G4? It bore close resemblance to a lamp or flower pot and was even dubbed iLamp. The thin panel display is held up by a cantilevered metal arm. In fact, advertisements portrayed the iMac G4 as a kind of free-thinking robot with its own unique personality, similar to Luxo Jr., a computer-animated lamp in a 1986 Pixar short film. The iMac G4 design epitomized Apple's willingness to push boundaries. You just never knew what to expect from the folks in Cupertino.

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