Apple's 15 boldest computer designs, 1976 - 2012

Apple's computer hardware designs through the years have reflected the state of the company. Subliminal messages abound with each product release. Here are some of Apple's most bold, iconic computer designs and what we think they're telling us.

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iPad (2010)


By the time the iPad arrived in 2010, Apple was at the height of its design powers. The hardware design of the iPad re-introduced a form factor that had labored to become mainstream, but this time Apple's timing couldn't have been better. Mobile computing was fast gaining in popularity. The clean, elegant look of the iPad made rival netbooks look cheap and boring, which quickly led to their demise.

Once again, the iPad design made Apple appear miles ahead of any competitor. "The iPad challenged our traditional way of work and play and opened up a new realm of possibilities in how we live our daily lives," says Yamaguma.

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