Apple's 15 boldest computer designs, 1976 - 2012

Apple's computer hardware designs through the years have reflected the state of the company. Subliminal messages abound with each product release. Here are some of Apple's most bold, iconic computer designs and what we think they're telling us.

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Siri (2011)


One might argue that Siri, the well-known voice-recognition and artificial-intelligence engine inside the iPhone, doesn't belong on a hardware design list. You're probably right. Of course, if it's hardware you want to see, we could show you the massive Apple data centers that Siri uses to answer questions.

But Siri's "design" represented something bigger to Apple's image and the future of computers: form without form. "The pursuit of technology into the future will render technology ubiquitous and invisible," says Yamaguma.

iPhone Tip: Siri, I Command Thee

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