20 notorious worms, viruses and botnets

The earliest worms and viruses were created for geeky fun and did little harm - oh, how times have changed. Here are 20 worms, viruses and botnets that show the evolution of malware, from Creeper to Flame.

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Flame malware


"According to most threat researchers today, only governments have the necessary resources to design and implement a virus of such complexity," says Lovet of Flame and similar types of cyberespionage attacks.

Flame mostly targeted computers in the Middle East. Analysis conducted in 2012 of servers used to control the Flame malware found several other related types of malware existed, including a direct connection to Stuxnet.

Researchers with Kaspersky Lab, Symantec and others have found Flame is linked to a highly sophisticated operation in which a variety of defensive mechanisms were used to cover the attackers' tracks.

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