20 notorious worms, viruses and botnets

The earliest worms and viruses were created for geeky fun and did little harm - oh, how times have changed. Here are 20 worms, viruses and botnets that show the evolution of malware, from Creeper to Flame.

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The dormant Michelangelo virus was designed to awaken in 1991 on March 6th, the birthday of Renaissance artist Michelangelo, and erase critical parts of infected computers’ hard drives, says Lovet.

"The promises of destruction it carried spawned a media frenzy. In the weeks preceding March 6th, media relayed, and some may say amplified, experts’ predictions forecasting 5 million computers going definitively down. Yet, on March 6th, only a few thousand data losses were reported – and public trust in AV companies’ ethics was tainted for a while."

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