IT Resume Makeover: How to add focus to your tech resume

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Brad Kirk has more than 16 years in IT leadership roles -in IT consulting and in both permanent and contract positions. He's worked in all facets of cloud computing and, thanks to articles he's written, he is considered a thought-leader on the topic.

Over that time, Kirk's held many jobs, worn many hats and his resume shows it. "My biggest challenge in putting together my resume is that I keep an ongoing resume and so as I work on new projects and things, I need to keep a pretty detailed list," says Kirk. This can result in an unfocused long resume.

Being an IT consultant, potential clients are always interested in digging into the details of what you've done before. "One of the questions you are asked most often is, 'what projects have you been working on?' " says Kirk.

At this point in his career, Kirk is on a mission to find a more permanent vice president or senior IT position based on his cloud skills. The only problem was the type of solicitations his old resume was generating weren't what he was looking for and, in many cases, they were a step back from where he was.

"Based on the recruiters who were calling me and the type of opportunities that were coming my way, I started to realize, these are not the types of roles I want to attract," says Kirk.

"In my career, I have moved from being a technical hands-on IT operations guy [to a guy] who migrated into being an infrastructure architect who focuses on infrastructure and cloud. In the past five or six years, my role has moved much closer to the business," says Kirk.

He knew that his resume needed to evolve to reflect these changes and, more importantly, what makes him stand apart from all the other IT pros out there.

With this in mind, Kirk realized he needed a resume makeover, so he turned to and resume expert, Jennifer Hay, to get his resume back on track.

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