iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 26

If there's one thing that iPhone fan art is good for, it's giving us an idea of what the future looks like.

And here it is, the iPhone that looks like a baked falafel sandwich, and folds out into two additional screen sizes. We knew those flexible screens would eventually be good for something.

iPhone 6 or 6/7 is actually the Plastic iPhone

Although not rising to the level of watching a star being created in the Carina Nebula, you can see a rumor being born from other rumors over at the iMore forums.

Earlier this month, the French tech site, Nowhereelse.fr, created a stir (as noted by MacRumors among many others) when it published photos showing what appeared to be the rear shell of the rumored low-cost plastic iPhone, in a rainbow of colors

For one member of iMore's forum, it was like, well, like an asteroid through the window.

"It just came to me like an asteroid through a window," wrote boovish, an "iMore Beginner." "Is it so crazy that this [the plastic phones above] could be the iPhone 6/7? It would be like the 3G/S but it would come in a whole bunch of different colors to match iOS 7's Crazy color scheme."

The idea apparently struck boovish's fellow posters as exactly that: so crazy.

"That would be a HUGE backwards leap. NO WAY Apple goes this route," replied rdiddy_25.

Fausty82 was blunter. "I'm calling BS on this ... just not going to happen."

Boovish deserves an "A" for effort, though.

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